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To purchase fine wine, you will find numerous avenues via the internet which access the most exemplary and legendary of all winemakers worldwide. The purchase of fine wine that costs from $900 to $1000 or more per bottle, should be followed by the proper storage and care for the delicacy. Premiere wines do need from three to four years, sometimes ten years, or even several decades to reach their optimum maturity. It is said that "old world" wines last longer than "new world" wines. Though the grapes planted at the new world wineries are from the old world stock.

Searching for the purchase of the finest of wines reveals such items as a dry white from 2001, at Hautes Cotes de Nuits by P. Hudelot, for the price of $903 dollars. Bear in mind, sparkling wines do not improve with age.

Champagne is to be drunk immediately after it is bottled. White wine, for the most part, is intended for consumption within two to three years after it is bottled. The purchase of fine wine can include those rare bottles of well and carefully aged red wines, which the connoisseur will have to trust the shipment of from locations in the wine making heart of Europe.

Also, the wine purchase may entail accessing vintages of more newly established wine making masters, offering an equally gratifying experience. The prices be aware may not differ from those rare finds of bottles set aside by true wine aficionados whose intent was to achieve perfection in peak maturity.

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