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More and more, even the everyday household is acquiring a wine cooler in order to maximize the value and enjoyment of their wine drinking experience. Storing wine is important and entails maintaining temperature, controlling light, adjusting for humidity, and even guarding against vibration, as any movement, along with these other vital factors, can affect how your wine matures, and ultimately, tastes, when you go to drink it.

Wine is composed of specific components, more than a thousand, and all these factors will affect how the wine matures. Wine coolers should come with an anti vibration system-- road action, proximity to electrical devices, tables rattling -- any movement disturbs the wine. Light is a powerful destructive force to the wine. Ultraviolet rays destroy the tannins in the wine. With a wine cooler, light is kept out, so bottles can be stored longer.

Temperature is a critical factor as well. Consistency is the key, for most bottles, this will be at 50-57 degrees F (10-14 degrees C). For red wine, 55-60 F/ 12.7-15.5 C; for white wine, 49056F/ 9.5-13.3C; and for rose wines, 49-51F/9.5-10.5 C., are the temperature ranges most commonly recommended.

The other factor in proper storage of wine and to optimize the value, taste and length of time possible to keep your wine, is controlling the humidity. Hygrometry is the percentage of humidity in the air, or the percentage of water in the air. The ideal for storing wine is to have 70-80% hygrometry in the room in which your bottles are stored. A room that is too dry causes the cork to dry up and the odor from the cork seeps into the wine.

Wine kept for a few months in a too dry or too humid place will, according to connoisseurs, be damaged beyond repair. Wine coolers protect on this and other factors such as air circulation, which keeping it fresh and temperate maintains a consistent, ideal environment for storing, and enjoying, your wine experience.

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