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Wine ratings to guide your selection of choice

Ratings for wine do offer a measure by which to guide in the purchase and selection of your wine. Whether you are a connoisseur in your own right, or you have the important task of supplying and choosing wine to offer for public choice and consumption in a restaurant or retail establishment, you may find the regular immersion by those individuals whose job it is to judge wine proves their wine ratings are the worthwhile information you seek to assist in your decision making process.

Certain sources will give ratings for wine on the more commonly bought bottles, the range of which include those wines priced from $8 to $25 dollars.

The Alternative Wine Letter is one informative source, which allows a quick study in the wines one finds most readily available in today's markets. Typical industry publications feature wine ratings that reflect specialty vintages as well as the popular wines most frequently purchased. VinCellar is an online based wine ratings and reviews site where professionals offer their opinions on over 10,000 items. There are even new software programs that are used to provide the guidelines by which to formulate the proper review and rating of wines.

The software, such as the Cellar! brand software, prompts you for the specifications of a particular wine and then formulates the rating based on the same criteria as the professionals use worldwide. Other sites providing the ratings of wines to be relied on include DrinkWine, where little tidbits are revealed such as the importance of actually smelling the wine before swirling it in the glass, in order to get the initial suggestion of its aroma.

Popular wine magazine Wine Spectator directs its readers to OnlineVines, a site that guides the lay person in a quick study of the principles behind wine ratings. A similar lesson in the art is found at The Wine Buyer. Remember though, for taste and pleasure, it's only your opinion that really counts!

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