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Enhance your wine learning experience by joining a wine club

Wine clubs can be fun! And if you are a regular purchaser of wine, they can present an interesting savings as well as adventure to your wine purchasing program. Most memberships will provide for regular shipments of bottles form the winery or wineries your club is organized through. This may be something such as two bottles delivered four times a year.

There is generally at least a 25% discount available to members, as well. There are newsletters and specialized winemakers notes that are mailed to members, which give unique insight to the industry, the craft, and the day to day goings on at the wineries. These newsletters do not contain information that is found in regular magazines or trade publications to the industry. Often they include personal journal entries or significant weather or other aspects of the process of producing a particular vintage of a particular year.

An exciting aspect of being a wine club member may include the recipes offered by some of the clubs. Often geared toward tours and events, these wineries have full restaurants on site, with master chefs schooled and knowledgeable to give recipes and advice on the best service and presentation. Which wines go with which entrees or desserts? As well as which wines to use in the ever taste enhancing experience of adding wine to your food preparation.

Warning though, sometimes there are limitations to which states a wine club can actually ship to. The Organic Wine Press can only ship to Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, District of Columbia - only one quart per month, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The laws are always changing in this arena, as there are groups actively involved in wanting to "unchain the grape." Namely, the group wants to help change the laws in your state, if it is not on the above list.

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