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Organic wine rated of best wine lists

While one may expect the concept of organic wines to be considered a trend that is for fanatics and those less concerned with taste than being considered conscientious, the fact is that the wine makers in France are elevating the organic wines produced there to the top of lists of best wines in any regions.

The reasons may indicate that the French are adhering to many of the standard modes of growing any produce item in their incredibly fertile and unique soil, standards that have been in practice for centuries. What we consider organic is most often simply the refrain from using chemicals and items not of natural origin. This a guiding principal to all true French thought, in everything anyone truly French does. Age-old secrets kept by the best of gentlemen farmers in the varying regions in France use insects to control pestilence in their vineyards. The preference is of manure for fertilizer over chemical compositions. These are the essential factors, which determine if an item has been organically grown, or not. Organic wine in the United States is taking hold by those winemakers reaching back to rejoin viticulture to its earliest roots.

Conventional agriculture strips the soil of minerals and adds artificial chemicals to the soil. Also, grape crops that are sprayed with herbicides, fumigants, and insecticides, which are sprayed on the grape skins to prevent disease, will ultimately end up as residue in the wine. Also, pesticides penetrate the plant and end up in the pulp.

Organic farmers plant cover crops, instead of applying pesticides. Everything to cultivate the soil, rather than deplete its natural composition. This includes using composted animal manure instead of chemicals as fertilizer. The bio-diversity referred to in organic growing is a method that has been in practice at vineyards throughout France for centuries. It entails allowing other growth in the vineyard to enhance the soil and attract beneficial critter, such as spiders and predatory mites that replace the need for chemical pesticides and insecticides.

While organic wine may be expected to be more expensive, the price is actually not subjected to the other elevated values given to other organically grown products. However, in France, an organic white wine can be found in fine wine selections at the price of $900 dollars. Drink it up!

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