Calories In Wine Calories In Wine

Counting calories in wine

That there are calories in wine you will find a surprising and delightful fact: in an entire bottle of Bordeaux, there are 680 calories. That means one glass is about 50 calories, the same as the number of calories in an apple. It is as healthy as an apple too, if you consider all the health benefits being touted in recent decades about the life expectancy you can improve on by drinking one or two glasses of wine a day.

While it is comprised of up to 90% water, that remaining ten percent is full of minerals, acids and intricately spelled items that are goodness to the body of the human being. Certain facts are somewhat spooky, such as that the amineted acid in wine is to the concentration level very similar to that which is found in human blood. Minerals essential to human daily consumption are found in wine, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron. Wine contains vitamins of the group P, which reinforce the capillary vessels cell walls. Also found in wine are B vitamins. The calorie count in wine are so few that to the average dieter, being able to have a glass of wine a day would not hinder the adherence to any planned caloric intake.

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