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Award winning wines are prized for very distinctive reasons. These prizes are not distributed at random and without careful consideration by wine tasting experts. There is too much at stake. That includes the fact that each individual whose tailored knowledge forms the opinions of what constitutes an excellent, award winning wine is being monitored by the others who in the same industry will know the difference. The most prevalent award winning wines are dubbed so by the industry's main advocates, in print and in events hosting. These include Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator, Wine Investor, Wine Report, Critics Challenge, Taster's Guide International, and Bucko's Wine Lovers Page.

Acquiring to your selections those winning wines designated through these respected industry publications should include acquiring the items with which the finest bottles of wine deserve for storage. Wine racks are not just a show item. The storage of a top award wine on its side is done so in order to keep the cork moist. This prevents air from seeping in through an otherwise dry cork, which could in turn change the flavor of the wine.

In looking at those bottles that have received award recognition, keep in mind that most wines are being produced these days with the intention of being consumed within a year of their purchase. With a wine cellar, you may acquire those recommended vintages and store them in their proper environment until such time as they have reached their peak maturity. For those who seek to purchase wines with award winning recognition in quantity, and seek the optimum in storage facility, there are even commercial wine storage facilities that provide this unique service.

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