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Gewurztraminer grapes for great wine

Gewurztraminer is a grape that gets its name from the German word for spicey. This should in itself indicate the range of tastes this wine will be best served with. Dishes most commonly calling for the likes of this wine variety include any in the range of traditionally spicy, such as curry and hot dishes of the middle eastern or Asian varieties.

Mexican cuisine, which has taken a sweeping hold over many regions of the United States as well as abroad, are highly complemented by the use of the varieties of vintages produced using the Gewurztraminer grapes. In this country, those such varieties will be largely the dry white wines produced in California. The origins of the gewurztraminer grape are the Alsace-Lorraine region of France and Germany. That entire strip of land that has been the stage for such wicked and ruthless controversies throughout history is where this grape is most prevalently produced.

Both German and French winemakers alike utilize the grape to the advantage of its unique spicy character. It is made in the tendency to be sweet to medium sweet, in order to counter the possibility of its producing a wine that is too bitter. The wine is fermented cold, and aging in the Alsace region is done primarily in steel vats, which are intended to encourage the more flowery aromatic aspects of the grape, as opposed to its stronger, spicier tendencies. With the best vintages of this grape, it is also often presented as an ideal dessert wine.

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