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Red Wine - a wine lover's favorite.

Red wine lovers who favor daily or frequent consumption rely on the local vineyards for ordinary, honest and well-made wines. They are staples of the diet and aside from moderation of intake, there are no rules about drinking them. Wines are served mixed with water or soda water.

In hot weather, both red and white wines are chilled, and served at the prevailing temp at other times. Red or white wines of superior taste are always the result of special care, a vintner who spent time to choose grapes and plant sparsely to yield better wine. It is compared to such healthful benefits as this: a pint and a half of red has the same caloric value as a quart of milk, a pound of bread, or two pounds of potatoes.

In the making of wine, the grape harvest is crushed, once by feet, these days by presses. The finest wine is still fermented in wood vats, but delicious wines are also produced in stone, brick, and steel vats. The ideal temperature for fermentation is 64 F/ 18C. The length of time the wine stays in the vats, before being drawn off into barrels to complete the fermentation process, depends on the region. A short period in the vats means more alcohol and a finer flavor wine, where longer period in the initial fermentation in the vats makes the wine stronger and darker in color.

Generally, three stages of pressing and drawing off which will yield, in general, 60% that is from the bottom of the vat, the first drawing off, called the vin de goute, 25% from the first pressing, and 10% from the second and third pressings. Most impressive!

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