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Wine labels are like the cover of a book telling you the story of what is inside the bottle

There is much more to wine labels than you may see upon first glance. Wine labels are really small sources of information about the wine and the vineyard that has produced it. They contain information about the type of wine bottled and in what year. They often boast a logo identifying the source of the wine and even a small history about the wine makers. Wine lovers come to recognize the labels from the vineyards they favor. Wine makers are hesitant to change their labels for fear of confusing consumers. Any change is never done with haste. Some labels have remained unchanged for decades. Great wine is easily identified by itís label.

If you take the time to read wine labels closely you will also learn a bit about the wine inside the bottle. Aside from the vineyard, year and kind of wine you can also find the amount of alcohol it contains. This varies greatly between wines and should be a consideration if you intend to drink a lot. The higher the alcohol content the more effect you can expect to experience. Many people want to enjoy the taste of the wine without taking in too much alcohol. While others make it a goal to buy a wine with a high alcohol content.

Understanding wine labels is your first step into the journey of understanding wines. Labels can lead you to more information. You may even find you want to learn more about wines and how to select them.

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