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Wine stoppers can be very beautiful as well as a practical item

We so not all open a bottle of wine and finish it in one sitting. Some people enjoy a glass of wine each day and no more. They usually discover very quickly that they need wine stoppers in the bottles once they have been opened. The wine stoppers replace the cork when it has been removed as it is almost impossible to replace the original cork back into the bottle. A stopper will allow you to reseal the bottle and store it on itís side if need be. These stoppers are more permanent in nature and may be used on many bottles over time if well cared for.

Some wine stoppers are very decorative in design with an ornamental top above a cord piece. Sterling silver is a popular choice for these decorative tops and they may be made in the same pattern as a families silver cutlery service. You may also find them carved from wood in any variety of shapes and figures. There are collectors around the world that specialize in only these decorative stoppers and build large interesting collections. They develop a hobby of just looking for special additons that may be unique to their collections. Some have become very valuable over time.

Wine stoppers play the important role of keeping the essence of a wine in the bottle. A bubbly wine will not be the same after it is opened if it is left uncorked for very long. The stopper may be attractive but it also serves an important purpose if you do not finish your bottle of wine.

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