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Wine corks are a small but very important part of your wine making supplies

There was a time when all wine bottles were sealed with wine corks. I mean to say that all of the stoppers used were made from the material cork. It was the only thing used for many years because it was greatly suited to sealing the bottle. recently a new product has entered the market that poses a rival to cork. Plastic wine corks or stoppers are becoming more common and seem to serve the same purpose. Many wine experts would argue this point. They feel that there is nothing as good for the purpose as cork. Plastic seems to give a cheap impression to a good bottle of wine. A plastic cork may be enough to cause a buyer to walk right past a bottle no matter what is in it.

The reason wine corks, meaning the material cork, have been so popular is because they expand to fit very snugly into the neck of the bottle. They can be squeezed into the opening of the bottle and then will expand to completely seal the top. The pliable nature of cork makes it perfect for this function. Very often it will then be further sealed with wax or a tight plastic wrap. Plastic works in a similar way but is not the first choice of the best wine makers.

If you bottle your own wine you will need a supply of corks for your bottles. Wine corks can be purchased in any wine making supply store or ordered on-line. They come in several different sizes depending of the size of the bottle to be corked.

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