Champagne Flutes Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes help bring the bubbles to the surface

Enjoying a glass of wine or champagne involves more than just the look and taste of the drink. To properly release the flavors many wines require a special glass. Champagne flutes are made especially to serve champagne in. They are a tapered glass being narrow in the bottom and opening wide at the top. This shape of champagne flutes allow a large surface space on the top of the beverage to release the bubbles that are typical to champagne. The narrow bottom and wide mouth encourages the bubble up in free flow making the drink very exciting. Bubbles tickling your nose is part of the please of a glass of champagne. The shape of the glass is very important to encouraging the bubbles up.

Crystal is a popular choice of glass for champagne flutes. It allows you to see the color of the wine and watch the bubble perk to the top of the glass. Drinking champagne is as much an experience as it is a beverage. Fully enjoying it involves all of your senses and a leisurely pace. Champagne is not really a beverage to be guzzled quickly. It should be admired and smelled and then taken with ease. A true champagne lover will understand this.

Champagne flutes are really part of the pleasure of champagne. A fine crystal glass bubbling away with a wonderful beverage can be a small thrill in itself before you even taste it... moving on to actually drinking it completes the pleasure and experience. It can be said that drinking champagne in any other way is boorish and shows a lack of understanding of the drink.

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