Wine Glass Rack Wine Glass Rack

A wine glass rack can can be beautiful as well as very practical

A nice wine glass is part of the pleasure of a fine glass of wine. Crystal is a common choice because it can be produced in a very thin strong glass. Thin is the key with a nice wine glass so you barely feel the glass as the wine rolls on to your tongue. If you have a set of nice wine glasses you will know that they require careful handling and can not just be tossed into your cupboard. A wine glass rack is a good idea for the safe storage of your fine crystal. A wine glass rack can be installed on your ceiling or under your cupboards. It provides a safe space for storage of your crystal.

It is common in wine glass rack design that the glass is suspended by its base. The glasses are usually hung upside down from the suspended rack with their base being slipped into the holder. Not only does this keep them safer but it also keeps the open ends pointing down and avoiding any air born contaminants. A wine glass rack full of attractive glasses can also be a nice decorating touch in your home. You may see some racks even designed with special lighting to draw attention to the beauty of the crystal.

A wine glass rack will free up other storage space in your home without really taking away any useable space. Most people do not have many things hanging under their cupboards or off the ceiling. It is also a nice thing to display your crystal collection even when you are not drinking wine.

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