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You may become frustrated with your bottle of wine with no wine opener

A bottle of wine can be a beautiful thing and many people will save one for years before they open it. A fine bottle of wine will always be corked and not have a twist off top. The cork or stopper may be made from cork or plastic and you will need a wine opener to open the bottle. The most common kind of wine opener is a cork screw. This tool is usually metal and curly like a pigs tail. You insert the pointy end into the cork and then screw it into the cork. When enough of the cork is captured to allow for safe removal it is simply pulled out. If you have not screwed the opened in far enough the cork will break and not be easily removed.

If the cork shatters because you have not pushed the wine opener in far enough before pulling it up, you will get bits of cork floating in the wine. It takes a bit of skill to properly uncork a bottle of wine and there is a procedure that makes it easier. Fine dining restaurants make quite a show out of serving wine. They will never serve you wine with cork floating in it.

The cork screw is just one type of wine opener. It is by far the most common but there are other methods available. There is even a system that inserts a thin needle into the cork and forces air into the bottle. The added air pressure moves the cork up out of the bottle.

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