Decorative Bottle Wine Stoppers Decorative Bottle Wine Stoppers

Decorative bottle wine stoppers are a beautiful tool for storing your unfinished bottle away for safe keeping

Not all bottles of wine are consumed on the same day they are opened. You may feel in the mood for just one glass of wine. This poses the problem of what to do with the opened bottle. You can not simply leave it open and expect it to retain itís quality. The bottle must be recorked to preserve it best. Decorative bottle wine stoppers can be to solution to this problem. They are made just for this purpose. Decorative bottle wine stoppers can be used in an already opened bottle so you can store it until you want the next glass.

You will find a great assortment of decorative bottle wine stoppers. They have been common for centuries and examples can be found all over the world. They usually have a cork bottom attacked to a silver, glass or wooden top. Some are very clever in design and others may be an advertising tool for a wine producer. Wine stoppers are needed in public houses that serve wine one glass at a time to preserve the bottle between orders. Fine wines are not usually available on tap and are opened one bottle at a time.

Decorative bottle wine stoppers serve a very practical purpose but they can also be an interesting item for collectors. There is no limit to the imagination used to produce them. They range from folk art wood carved items to high quality sterling silver designs. Every part of the world different subject mater for the designs and provides interesting glimpses into social history.

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