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Shopping for wine can be a lot of fun. I like to buy from the local vineyards as well as the large domestic and international wineries. One of the keys of wine shopping is to have a large selection to choose from. When you buy wine online, you get to browse through many different online wine stores and try wines that might not be available at your local wine shop. You’ll also find some nice savings as some wines are sold at a lower price online.

For example, a wine we drink often enough in our house is Wyndham’s Bin 555, which is a Shiraz. My local store sells it for $9.99, but sells it for $7.99. also has 10% off when you buy by the case, but it doesn’t have to be all the same wine. So I buy 6 bottles of Bin 555, and try 6 different wines, usually from the 90+ rated wines under $20. I find that unless you buy a full case, the cost of shipping cuts into the savings too much, so go for that 10% savings for the full case.

If you’re the auctioning type, you can check out the Wine Commune website, where you can buy wines from other people that are trying to sell their wines. If you know what your looking for, there can be some good deals, but it might be a bit intimidating when your trying to figure out what wines you like.

If you’re into trying new wines, you should look into wine clubs. You get sent a few new wines to your door every month. It can be a fun and extremely convenient to experiment with wines, as the wines you get will have been carefully chosen by wine experts. You can pay as you go, on a monthly basis, and see if you like it. Wine clubs also make great gifts! has wine clubs you can sign up for online! **No_FB_10**

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