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A rabbit Corkscrew - A great stocking stuffer!


Imagine no mess and no force when using a durable wine bottle opener! Using a corkscrew should be an easy task. A good corkscrew will use leverage to easily remove the cork cleanly, no messes or without breaking the cork. Choose from a great selection of the finest corkscrews around.

One of the most popular wine openers is the rabbit corkscrew. The great thing about rabbit corkscrews is how simple they are to use, and how quickly you can remove the cork. Anyone can open a bottle of wine in a couple of seconds. Just place the rabbit on the wine bottle, pull the lever in and out, and your bottle of wine is open without getting bits of cork in your wine. The Rabbit is such a great corkscrew that you won't have to worry about making a mistake, and feel confident opening your fine wines in front of your guests.

If you want to go a little more deluxe, go for the Rabbit Deluxe Corkscrew. It even has a 10 year warranty, made of steel and can open all types of bottles.

You will also find an abundance of antique corkscrews if you are an avid collector. Some collectorís look for unique designs or rare and unusual corkscrews that are not made with the same metals and steels as today. Find a variety of styles and patterns at affordable prices.

Make your wine bottle opening a pleasurable and fun experience. Order online today, itís that simple.

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