Decanters Decanters

Present your wine in style with beautiful crystal or simple wine decanters


Decanting your wine requires pouring your wine from the bottle into decorative containers called wine decanters. This process has two purposes. First, by slowing pouring the wine into the decanter, bitter tasting sediment will be left in the bottle, or can be poured through a filter. Second, the wine has a chance to breathe in the decanter, which is very important for certain wines, particularly red wines. Spirits are also commonly stored in crystal liquor decanters.

The proper type of decanter for red wine is a wide open decanter and a more narrow decanter for serving white wine. Having your wine in decanters is also a fashionable way to display your wine. Decanters come in a variety of shapes and styles, and range from elaborate crystal design to simple elegance. When pouring wine to your guests, pour in the centre of the glass, but if its sparkling wine or any type of wine with bubbles, pour at an angle against the side of the glass to prevent bubbles. Wine decanters and liquor decanters make perfect gifts.

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