Wine Charms Wine Charms

Wine Charms: Wine glass charms are a cute and fun way to keep track of your glass at any party.

Wine Charms

Wine charms are like little ID tags or markers on a ring that go around the stem of your glass, which help you uniquely identify your glass. Often the charms are in a set, for example a wine set, with one charm being a bunch of grapes, while another is a wedge of cheese, or an oak barrel. Then at a party, you can set your glass down freely, and you have a way of remembering which glass is yours by the charm.  Instead of trying to remember where you set your glass down, now you just have to look for the glass with the 'cheese' tag or perhaps the 'grape vine'.

Charms for wine glasses are always a hit at parties where wine is being served, and make for a fun conversation piece. Sometimes, instead of a single charm, beaded charms for wine glasses are used. Experimenting with different glass markers and tags can be lots of fun. You can make charms yourself, or buy them online or in your favorite party store. Fancy charm sets have pewter, silver or gold charms. Charms often come in sets, or themes with some of the most popular being:

  • Wine & cheese
  • Christmas
  • Stars & Moon
  • Sea shore
  • Golf
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