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Great wines deserve great crystal stemware. Having the right glass enhances the beauty and bouquet of your wine.

Wine Glasses
Crystal wine glasses add to the sophistication of the wine drinking experience with visual appeal and the elegance of sound. There's nothing quite like the beautiful resonating sound of crystal glasses being gently tapped together.

Choosing the right glass for the wine

You can make your wine look better with the right stemware, but did you know it can taste better? That's right, the aroma and flavor of a wine can be slightly altered by how much the wine can breath in the glass. Consequently, different shapes have evolved for the different types of wine.

  • Red wines have character, and a full-bodied red wine requires a large, bowl shaped glass which lets it breath
  • White wine deserves a medium sized, tulip shaped glass
  • Spirits are served in a much more delicate type of stemware such as lead crystal
  • Champagnes glasses, called champagne flutes, are very tall and thin, letting you easily inspect the color, and watch the bubble rise.

The biggest brand name in crystal stemware is Riedel. Riedel glasses for wine and champagne flutes are top quality, and are so beautiful and elegant. We always use our Riedel glasses to serve our fine wine to our guests. Dishwasher safe makes clean up a snap.

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